The OptimaSystem:
Energy Production Using Biomass, Waste to Hydrogen Reforming System

VisScot OptimaSystem is a smart green investment technology that captures and converts CO2, with energy generation efficiency in comparison with very large natural gas cheng-cycle systems.

The removal of waste, biomass and sludge becomes a resource negating landfills. Commercial benefits are delivered through carbon neutral hydrogen, refined biomass and or fertilisers. The market for smart green investments has significantly expanded in recent years. Consumers, politicians and businesses have understood that this planet is facing a climate change that needs drastically curbed. Increased emissions come from fossil carbon dioxide, fossil methane gas and chlorinated gases. Methane gas is about 36 times more corrosive to climate change than carbon dioxide, and chlorinated gas are about 1000 times more corrosive.

So how do we add value to resolve these challenges?

We all need to drastically reduce emissions of fossil carbon dioxide and methane gas, BUT we need also to neutralize industrial fossil carbon dioxide emission. This will take time to change energy systems. Here, we can help.

The OptimaSystem:

• Is an energy and environmentally sustainable efficient local solution to use Biomass, Waste & Sludge to produce Green Energy.

• The OptimaSystem helps to keep emissions clean with a minimum of hazards from the remaining material post-processing.

• Optima uses the rest waste to produce renewable green energy.


The OptimaSystem Steam Reforming


More than 99% of carbon is converted using our technology

Steam Reforming is using water heated to around 800˚C + where the steam completely converts/gasify’s carbonaceous feedstock (biomass) to form hydrogen and carbon monoxide (“the water gas reaction”) without use of catalysts, producing Syngas. More than 99% of carbon is converted using our technology, i.e. the reaction is practically complete. It is the point where water affects other substances to dissolve into gases – It is close to its thermo-dynamic equilibrium.

The OptimaSystem Function

With GREEN FUEL we produce Hydrogen (‘H2’) 99.9% clean

Perfect for use in Fuel Cells

Green hydrogen can be synthesized to Methanol, Ethanol or Synthetic Diesel. The OptimaSystem also produces Electricity, Heat (for Civic heating systems), Refrigeration Cold, Clean Water. Steam-Reforming Biomass, Waste, Sludge to GAS in a closed system. The only gas emissions to the atmosphere is: Nitrogen gas 65 – 80% [N2] Neutral Carbon Dioxide 12 – 15% [CO2] Water/Moist 5 – 30% [H2O] NO Poisonus Gases. NO Smell. NO Chimmney. The Atmosphere consists of Nitrogen Gas to 78% and Oxygen to 21%. Other gases to 1%. CO2 – 0.044 – 0.047%

The OptimaSystem Function

The OptimaSystem emits

Half (50%) of the neutral Carbon Dioxide (‘CO[H2O]’) volume per produced kWh, compared to other comparable systems. Neutral CO[H2O] is CO[H2O] that the atmosphere is balanced to accept as it is derived from our civilization. It is the fossil version that is creating the change.

The OptimaSystem generates

Over double the energy production compared with other systems.

The OptimaSystem Function

Out of sorted Waste, Sludge and Biomass used in the OptimaSystem, only approximately 3% – 7% remains as sand like materials as soil mineral fertilizers. No need for landfills. Old landfills can now be emptied using environmentally sustainable methods.

The soil Mineral Fertilizers are: Silica [SiO[H2O]], Potassium Carbonate[K2CO3], Calcium Carbonate [CACO3] and Potassium Phosphate [KH3PO4].

Phosphate is a scarce mineral, but important for farming. Here locally recycled back for agri use. Normally bought from South-America and Africa. Expensive.

If heavy metals are included in the fertilizer mix they are locked in an active carbon matrix, safe and does not disintegrate over time. The heavy metals can be recycled back using old technique to the market.

Optima CO2 Terminator

VisScot has a process where the OptimaSystem uses the hydrogen to produce ammonia [NH4]. To produce the agri fertilizer ABC (Ammonia Bi-Carbonate) [NH4HCO3]. The Optima process react the ammonia with fossil carbon dioxide and water. The carbon dioxide is selectively absorbed from the flue gases with a solution of ammonia in water that does not cost any energy.​ ABC is an effective fertilizer for agriculture. Here different forms of biomasses can participate to solve the fossil carbon dioxide problem emitted from many industries i.e. cement, mineral, paper and petroleum industries etc. A process that is much, much cheaper than Carbon Capture Storage (CCS), and it works.​ Should not the Environmental Agency accept to use an agri fertilizer that is partly fuelled by fossil carbon dioxide, please note that the mineral fertilizer ABC is safe and can easily and safely be stored under ground and never release its content to the atmosphere.


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