Commercial Property & Business Agent

Business Agent – SME, Adviser – NED, Chartered Management Consultant, Business Developer


Are you looking to acquire or sell a business? BGL can advise and support you through this challenging process.

Specialising in commercial property purchases and sales, BGL blend vast experience with professionalism to assist you in your commercial property journey. As a Chartered Management Consultant with a wealth of experience, BGL brings a unique blend of professionalism and insight to every transaction. Whether you’re in the market to buy or sell commercial property, we are dedicated to helping you navigate the process with ease and confidence.

BGL understand the complexities of commercial real estate transactions and for this we offer a comprehensive range of services designed to streamline the buying and selling process. From leveraging our extensive network of contacts and partners to providing tailored financial support solutions, including collateral raising assistance, we’re committed to helping you achieve your property goals efficiently and effectively.

Additionally, we offer exclusive investment opportunities to empower clients in raising funds and maximising their potential returns.


Brian Gowans, BGL’s Business Designer and Developer, is how we’ve made the difference for more than 30 years. An expert in infrastructure design with commercial property opportunities, incorporating industrial estates, 5-star hotels, on and off market commercial ventures, his multi-dimensional, demographic and unique approach ensures sustainable, high net worth investments to maximises business cash flow potential.

Whether you’re buying or selling, Brian’s expertise as a seasoned Business Developer, Operator and Chartered Management Consultant guarantees a transparent tailored strategy that encompasses and highlights your property’s unique strengths, attracting qualified buyers and unlocking its full potential.


Brian Gowans possesses extensive expertise as a business agent within the Oil, Gas and Renewables sectors. With over a decade of experience in technical sales and contracts management in Abu Dhabi, he has navigated complex industry landscapes and forged strategic partnerships with key stakeholders. Brian’s proficiency in project management, prequalification processes and technology advisory roles has been instrumental in driving business growth and facilitating successful ventures across the Middle East Gulf region. His hands-on approach and in-depth industry knowledge make him a trusted advisor for clients seeking opportunities in these dynamic sectors.


Secure the financial support you need for your commercial property ventures. Leveraging his expertise in commercial property finance, BGL offers specialised financial assistance services tailored to meet your unique needs through an extensive network of partners ensuring tailored solutions for success.

BGL offers enticing investment opportunities through select projects. VisScot, a joint venture in renewable energy and waste-to-hydrogen tech, taps into a US $50 billion market, prioritising sustainability. Similarly, Seetalabs provides innovative investment avenues in AI tech and infrastructure, aiming for high returns and positive impact.


Unmatched Expertise and Professionalism in Commercial Property Services

Brian Gowans, of BGL, is a seasoned chartered management consultant and business agent, dedicated to delivering exceptional results in the commercial property sector. With a wealth of experience spanning diverse industries including oil, gas, renewables and hospitality, Brian brings a unique blend of skills and professionalism to every transaction. His meticulous attention to detail and strategic approach ensure that each client receives personalised solutions tailored to their specific needs.

Whether you’re buying, selling, or seeking financial support for your commercial property ventures, BGL’s expertise and professionalism will guide you through every step of the process with integrity and clarity. With Brian Gowans at your side, you can confidently navigate the complexities of the market and achieve your goals with confidence and peace of mind.


Business Consultant

Whether you’re looking to develop your business from startup level, or you’re trying to overcome a plateau that’s stopping you gaining any forward momentum, I can help you achieve your long-term goals by adding value. I work with anyone from commercial and public sector businesses, to social enterprises and even charities. Why not find out more about how I can help today?

Business Agent and Adviser

Whether it’s a business or property, I’ll evaluate your current assets and help you put together a solid strategy to maximise potential. This will include looking at things such as best practices, improving GDP by making better purchases to assist in enhancing your asset value. When it’s time to sell, I’ll endeavour to assist you on getting the best price possible, based on current and/or projected valuations.

Plan for it now


I’ll examine your business and use innovative strategies to tackle any issues or roadblocks head-on, helping you achieve sustainable results


I am a Chartered Management Consultant bound to codes of conduct and practice, promoting transparency and integrity in achieving results


All of my services are specially tailored to meet your individual requirements, to ensure you receive the level of service you need


I use strategic decision making to frame the right problem to solve, and achieve results that are going to have a permanent, positive influence to add value to your business


Equipped with a wealth of knowledge, experience, and analytical and problem-solving skills, I’ll strive to come up with the best advice and solutions for your business


Confidentiality is crucial in everything I do, and I strive to keep the highest level of confidentiality possible when working with you